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   If you've ever heard country guitar players like Chet Atkins, Johnny Hiland, Tommy Emmanuel, Buster Jones, Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Merle Travis, Doc Watson, Tony Rice, or Steve Kaufman play guitar then you know just how exciting country guitar can be! And now it is possible to learn how to play country guitar just like they do with our country guitar books and instructional DVDs!

   Playing the country guitar is a lot of fun! If you do not currently understand how to play it's fairly simple to learn and you can receive a beginner's country guitar manual from Chord Melody Guitar Music to help you get started. If you are brand new to the country guitar, then play-along country guitar DVDs or CDs are a particularly good method to introduce yourself to playing.

   For people that already have some playing experience there is always more to find out. Whether you want to master a couple of new country guitar chords or learn ways to play complicated tunes, there is an enormous selection of country guitar books awaiting you. We offer all types of country guitar tab publications, instructional courses, and various other materials to help the budding country guitar player develop him or herself.

   Visit the Featured Guitar DVDs Of The Week link for special prices. Anything could be reduced from country guitar tab books with tunes from your preferred musicians to educational discs for enhancing your style. Given that the selections change on a once a week basis, make certain you return frequently to see if something you wish is on special!

   If you prefer to get started right away you can download a DVD from our Media On Demand Center. The download is a DVD-quality video clip of the product that you wish to see and you can easily start enjoying it in mere minutes! Most importantly, you can never  lose these downloads because your Chord Melody Guitar Music Player App tracks what you have actually purchased from our website and will permit you to refresh your purchased products from any PC.

   We additionally collaborate with Sheet Music Direct and can easily help you obtain immediate access to downloadable country guitar tabs as well as country guitar DVDs. This means that you could be playing your favorite song on country guitar in just the few moments it takes to make a purchase and download the tab. Print it out to take with you or store it on your tablet, laptop computer, or smart phone for simple electronic mobility.

   Country guitar method books and country guitar instructional DVDs from Chord Melody Guitar Music are a safe method to discover how to play the country guitar. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you can utilize our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to return your materials. Unlike other web stores we do not restrict our guarantee to website credits or exchange only, yet if you prefer either we will gladly give it to you. Or else you could get a cash refund for your purchase.

   Chord Melody Guitar Music has actually been in business for more than 30 years and is a Better Business Bureau A + Rated Company. Our clients are extremely pleased with our services! If you prefer not to shop on the web we can be contacted via mail, fax, or telephone order too.

   Whether you are new to playing the country guitar or an old-timer who simply requires new country guitar tabs, Chord Melody Guitar Music is a terrific place to discover competitively priced materials for playing the country guitar. We sell everything from country guitar courses for beginners to country guitar tab for the skilled country guitarist and we back it all up with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Come by our website today to look into the discounts or to find a piece of music you've been wanting to perform for ages!